Birthday Bliss

Since Andrew had drill on my birthday weekend, I didn’t get to celebrate with him until last weekend.  But it was well worth the wait.  He kicked me out of the house for an hour to drop Lulu off at my parents’ house and do whatever I wanted.  When I was finally allowed to come home, I was welcomed with a trail of rose petals to the kitchen.  Our dining table was beautifully set with flowers, silk napkins and china.  He served his signature meal, caprese and pasta with sausage marinara sauce.  A new addition was a tobasco sauce infused strawberry spinach salad.  I know what you’re thinking… tobasco sauce… say what?!  It was actually fabulous, just the right amount of kick!  The icing on the cake was the goblets of sparkling apple cider.  Yummm!

He also gave me a funny card, 20 cans of DC and my current guilty pleasure – skittles.  After dinner, he took me out but I didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing.  We ended up at the movie theater and I was surprised to find out that we were seeing Footloose!  I have been wanting to see this flick ever since the previews came out, but knew that it was not Andrew’s kind of scene.  He was a trooper and although cheesy, we loved it!

The next morning was Sunday and we all slept in until 10am!  Then Andrew started off the morning with my favorite, a maple doughnut!  Then he made a big hot breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.  Best part?  I didn’t have to lift a finger!

It was a great 25th birthday because the Mr. made me feel pampered and special!

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Richard and Nicole said...

ha! I knew he would suprise you (: So glad you had a fun time!! mmmm skittles.