16 Weeks & Counting

At our ward Trunk or Treat, I went as a bump in the road!

This second time around has proven to be really rough on my body.  My neck and back are constantly hurting so bad that I have headaches every day.  But the worst part is my sciatica.  I got pregnancy related sciatica at about 6 months with Londyn, but I started getting the same pain around 13 or 14 weeks this time.  Some days, it is so painful that I can’t move.  To help with the pain, I have been stretching 2 or 3 times a day, doing squats and lifting free weights.  I should be more active, but this is the best I can do at the moment.  On the bright side, I have noticed a bit of relief and I hope it is a product of all the stretching.

We went to our first appointment with the OB/GYN this week and feel really good about Dr. Weghorst.  He is Chief Medical Officer at the Providence Newberg Medical Center, where we also had Londyn and he has been delivering babies for a very long time!  He eased most all of my fears and concerns after the numbing experience with Londyn’s birth.  I don’t think anything could make me feel 100% about laboring another baby but I think I’m in the right direction by putting my care in the hands of a board certified MD versus a Nurse Midwife this time.


The Leiths said...

i have sciatica too! it's so annoying, i mean definitely not as bad as you, cuz sometimes i forget it's there. crazy how it came so late with colby and started at 13 weeks this time around. hope it doesn't get much worse for you (we've got a long ways to go!)love you!

Jadie said...

A bump in the road. That's the cutest idea ever! Congrats, btw!