{4 Years}

July 24th was our 4-year anniversary and what did we do?  We spent the day at home with our girls... did laundry... took naps... Andrew worked on homework and then went to class at 8pm.  It was truly magical.  {Insert sarcasm here}

This last Thursday... all the stars aligned and we were able to celebrate our anniversary as just us two. Londyn was at Potty Boot Camp with Aunt Nell, so we dropped off Zoe at Gma Milne's and headed to our 2 O'clock appointment for a couples' massage.  Can we say A-MAZING?!  Our bodies have been through so much stress and tension lately, that massages were absolutely necessary.  Next time, we'll have to go for two hours instead of just one!  After our massages, we headed to an early dinner at Stanford's.  Our food was delish and the best part was that we were in our own little spot with no one else around... no kiddos, no distractions... just us and our yummy food.

With full bellies, we went shopping and snagged a chick flick at Redbox.  After picking up the kiddos and putting them to bed, we ended the night with a low budget, not so great acting movie.  I'm pretty proud of my husband for lasting all the way through the end.

We have been through more as a married couple in the last year than we have in our entire relationship. Ever since we found out about Zoe's condition, Andrew has been the only person that is going through exactly what I am going through.  Of course, men and women cope with heartache differently but ultimately, we have both fallen in love with the same little girl and experience the same heartache as she struggles.  I can't imagine going on this journey alone and am thankful for the strong eternal perspective that we have gained as our family has grown.

{At a wedding 2 weeks ago - always laughing}

{July 24, 2008 - the most romantic day of my life}

{Engagement photo - 4 years later and he still makes me weak in the knees}

{Mimi's Cafe: Our first date and two days before he proposed}

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