Handy Andy: Backyard Additions

Within the last few weeks, Andrew has put in hours and hours of hard work to make our backyard a fun place for our girls to enjoy.  We found some great deals on Craigslist for a play structure and a play house.  With a little TLC and Handy Andy's touch, we now have some awesome additions to the yard.  

Some days Londyn refers to this as the tree house and other days it's her park.  

The cousins came over to get in on the fun!

Andrew added the tire swing over the weekend and Lulu LOVES it!

The play house is my favorite.  In honor of Zoe, we have named it the Little Heart House. 

Todd and Dad came over and helped with the heavy lifting.  It's hard to believe that each side of this house is 300+ pounds.

(Later, we will add a loft to utilize the high ceilings)

The siding was completely shot, so Handy Andy (having never done siding before) fixed it up in no time.

Andrew has prepped the house for the Fall/Winter seasons and we plan to give it a complete makeover in the Spring!

We are inspired by these houses on Martha's Vineyard.  I can't wait to get started!
(Photos taken in 2008 when in Mass for our wedding reception)

Can I just say... I love this man.

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