Londyn Joy: Three, going on Thirteen

We have always known that Londyn is a little sassypants, but she has taken it to a whole new level since she turned 3.  

Last week, Lulu went to Aunt Nell's for a 3-day potty training intensive AKA Potty Boot Camp.  Sergeant Nell had to crack the whip a few times because Londyn was not going to give up that easily.  After several accidents within the first two days, she refused to sit on the potty and could care less about the potty treat insentive.  After a kicking and screaming meltdown on the third day, a switch turned on and she realized that accidents aren't cool.  Panties are the new diapers and ready or not, this WAS happening.  You can just see how much she enjoys being a big girl now.  More often than not, she goes potty all on her own without announcing it to the world.  The only time she wears a pull-up is at night, but has remained dry the last two nights.  I never thought this day would come, but knew it had to happen eventually because nobody graduates from high school in diapers.  Although until the Potty Training Guru (my sister) took Londyn under her wing, I thought she might be the first.  

LJ has also started dressing herself in all sorts of runway-ready combinations.  Whether she pulls pieces from her dress-up collection or her everyday wear, her ensemble is always unforgettable.

We are super lucky to have such fun cousins close by, who have organized two summer camps for kids as fundraisers for sports.  They have been doing 'Kids Camp" for the last few summers and they are always a hit.  I never imagined that my own child would be in attendance, but it has been such a lifesaver for me.  Lulu goes to camp and has such a blast, while I get errands run, naps taken when sleep deprived and one on one time spent snuggling my Zoe.  Lulu always comes home from camp with a huge smile on her face after a fun-filled day with friends and cousins.  
These camps have proven to me that Lulu is more than ready to start preschool in September.  She is so excited!  She also can't wait to start dance class again in the Fall.

Londyn has become quite the little water baby this Summer.  In past years, she has not been too fond of the water but she has really tackled her fears and spent lots of time in my brother's pool, a kiddie pool in our backyard and the fountains in Old Town Sherwood.  This last weekend, we went out on my dad's boat at Hagg lake and not only did Londyn go tubing with Andrew, she kicked around in the big waters with her life jacket on.  

And last but certainly not least, LJ has hit that cute stage where her imagination is constantly running on high. She makes up lots of games and stories.  I catch her playing who-knows-what by herself when outside in the backyard, playing with her barbies and babies and especially with her dollhouse.  In fact, tonight she came up to me with her purse all packed full of toys and "essentials" and said "I am ready to go to Christmas now."  I told her that she would need to wait for a few months.  She paused thoughtfully and said, "I am going to wait at the window for Christmas" and then walked off on her merry way.  

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