Girls Camp - Finding the Hero Within

Last Fall I was called to be the Ward Girls Camp Director.  I was instantly ecstatic when the bishopric approached me with this calling because it had been a year since I was released from Young Women's and wanted to somehow still be involved with the amazing girls in our ward.  

After months of preparing and planning, our home away from home was at Camp Kilowan in Dallas, Oregon.  It was the most crazy, fun, exhausting, delicious and filthy week I have had in a very long time.  Our days started at about 7:30am and was scheduled to finish at about 11pm, but some nights I was still up getting girls to bed until 2am.  


{Ward Skit}

{Bishopric Night}

{Bishop's Skit}


For my rookie year, we had 35 girls in our ward at camp!  That is more than twice as many girls in most of the other wards.  With our large group, we had the biggest cabin with our own bathrooms and showers.  It was awesome!

One of my favorite parts of camp was being there with 6 of my nieces.  I had never been away from Londyn more than 2 days, so you can imagine how apprehensive I was to leave her for 5 days.  Having my nieces there made it so special and kept me from missing my family too much.

{Mikayla, Megan, Kamry, Kaylee, Mary & Jennifer}

I still can't believe that it has been 9 years since I was last at Girls Camp.  I have so many amazing memories and friendships from those years that coming back as a leader could not have been timed more perfectly.  Not only is camp filled with fun activities, food and goofing around, there is an intense spiritual high.  Taking a break from the chaos of everyday life, social media and schedules and just being surrounded by blossoming testimonies of Christ is a truly inspiring experience.  While there, I could feel the Spirit continuously and I feel closest to Zoe when I feel the Spirit.  Throughout the entire week, I saw Zoe in the many righteous young women there.  I saw so much of her beauty and grace in each and every one of their countenances.  At times I was saddened by the reminder that Zoe will miss out on opportunities like Girls Camp, school dances, college, marriage, her own babies... etc.  The reality is that my sadness was more for myself than for her.  

 We had a testimony meeting on the very last night.  This was a time for the girls to stand in front of the camp and share their faith and what they believe.  During that very sacred time, I had a distinct impression that my experiences at camp were a glimpse of what it is like for Zoe in heaven. Zoe is surrounded by righteous individuals, sharing and teaching the Gospel and feeling our Savior's love.  She is learning, laughing, loving and feeling joy.  Zoe is at peace where Heavenly Father needs her to be.  I will always treasure the peace and comfort that came from the Spirit I felt that night.

When I was called to be a leader at Girls Camp, I was excited to help our ward young women grow and develop spiritually.  Little did I know, Heavenly Father was helping me.

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