Nana Brendi & Papa Tom

A few days after I got home from Girls Camp, Andrew's parents came into town for a long overdue visit.  We hadn't seen them since Zoe's funeral, close to a year ago.  It just doesn't seem possible that it has been that long.  Londyn was so excited for them to arrive and especially to share her room with them.  Our plan was to have them in Londyn's room and then Lulu on the ground in our room.  Londyn said "I could sleep with Nana Brendi in my loft bed.  If she doesn't want me to, I won't."  The first night, they had a sleepover in Londyn's room and she loved it!  I'm not so sure how much Nana & Papa Tom loved waking up at 6:30am with little Miss Busy Body, but she loved every ounce of their attention.

While they were here, they got to watch Londyn at one of her swim lessons, visit and see Zoe's headstone for the first time and eat at some of our favorite take-out restaurants. 

Andrew's parents drove from Utah through Nevada, camping along the way to Oregon.  My father-in-law Tom has an amazing setup with built-in organization and shelving throughout his SUV and trailer.  We packed up Friday morning and drove to Florence, where we had our first family camping experience.  Florence was gorgeous and our campsite was perfect.

Londyn had never camped outside of our backyard, so this was a pretty big deal for her.  This was legit camping.  No flushing toilets or showers.  She was a trooper and overcame her fear of the pit toilet.  She was always asking for ways to help.  Lulu loved when Papa Tom and Nana Brendi let her help with the cooking and setting up the tent.  She also loved it when they would take her for walks around the campground.

While in Florence, we saw the Sea Lion Caves, visited a few different towns and saw gorgeous coastal views.

Thank you Nana & Papa Tom for the fun memories.  We love and miss you!

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