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Andrew, Sumo and I head up to the Milne farm at least a couple of times a week to spend time with the fam. Andrew LOVES to shoot his bow and take joy rides in their go-cart. Sumo absolutely loves playing with their black poodle Jack. They are best friends! Sumo is always thoroughly tuckered out after their play dates. He sleeps for hours and is usually sore after several rounds of wrestling. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's even more fun to go play outside on the farm! Thanks to the Milne's we get our farm fix whenever we visit!
Here are a couple photos of Sumo in the car on the way up to the farm. He is getting much more comfortable with car rides and loves to feel the wind in his fur!

Here is Kyler (and Kam in the background) after a bath. Lovin' the do, kid!

Andrew takes all the kids for rides in the go-cart. Ever since Kayla had her accident, everyone is much more cautious in this fun-filled buggy!

Kyler dancing to "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"


rlmquest said...

Thanks Kacie!!! You'll have to show me how to post videos!

Armitage Family said...

Ohh it's super easy! When you post your comments/photos/videos, the add video button is just to the right of the add photos button. It looks like a mini movie reel. Just click, upload your video, wait a REALLY long time for it to process... and wah-lah! You have uploaded a video!

Love ya!