NEW RELEASE: The Nine Lessons

Kevin Alan Milne is releasing his second book "The Nine Lessons" on May 6th!!! I had the opportunity to read a pre-released copy (perks of being the authors' sister) a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!

Here's an overview from the authors' website: KevinAMilne.com

"August Witte is firmly opposed to having childr
en, but after seven years of marriage, his wife is delighted to realize that she is unexpectedly pregnant. August is terrified, having never learned the first thing about being a good parent from his father, London. A widower since August was a toddler, London has always valued the game of golf more than his son. In spite of how he hates the game, when August confronts his father he finds himself agreeing to meet each month of the pregnancy for a round of golf. In exchange, London will give him the only thing that could make August agree to pick up a club again: memories of his mother that London has written on golf scorecards since the day he met her. August quickly realizes that his father's motive is not to teach him about golf, but to teach him about life--and the old man just might know something about it that's worth sharing."

Mark your calendars for an upcoming book signing!
Where: Barnes & Noble, Clackamas Towne Center
When: Thursday, May 21st, 2009 @ 7-8PM

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