When I was in high school and before I got married, I used to have sleepovers with all the girls (my nieces). I used to go all out with themes, dance parties... the whole bit. Ever since we moved into the new house, I've been wanting to have a sleepover. Andrew was scheduled to work last night, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to hold a long-overdue giant sleepover! The girls arrived around 6:30pm and the fun began! We watched 2 movies, ate popcorn, candy bars, ice cream sandwiches, otter pops and drank lots of lemonade as it was way too hot in our non-air conditioned home. We danced, joked, laughed and stayed up late! In the morning, I got up around 7am to find the younger four girls, awake and playing. We had cheesy eggs, french toast and cantaloupe for breakfast... yumm-o! The girls played on the Wii until their moms picked them up!
Now that the girls are getting older and so mature, I want to soak up as many opportunities as I can to be their aunt. I love it when they tell me about school, activities their involved in, their friends and especially boys. I will cherish my relationships with them always. Love you girls!

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