Lincoln City... or bust!

This weekend is our wards' Father/Son Outing. Why am I so thrilled... you ask?! I get to go to the coast with my husband! How... you ask?! Well, the outing is being held at Camp Clark on the Oregon Coast. Andrew will be going to the camp-out with my dad and doing "guy stuff." The outing is from Friday night to Saturday morning. I on the other hand... will be relaxing in a hotel 30 minutes away from the camp at The Coho Inn in Lincoln City... enjoying the beautiful oceanfront view and walks on the sand, as much DVD viewing as I want, a new place... which means a lot for someone who is stuck at home on her sofa all day/every day, a heated indoor pool that I am dying to get into, and of course... food.

We will be heading for the coast Friday afternoon... where we will enjoy time together in the expected 70 degree weather! Andrew will take off in the evening for the camp-out and I will simply... relax! In the morning, I will sleep-in upon my luxurious bed... enjoy a complimentary breakfast and get ready to spend the day with my man. He will pick me up in the late morning and we will explore the Oregon coast, which he has never experienced!

I am absolutely thrilled to be having this short getaway before the baby arrives. Not to mention... anything to distract me from my discomfort and antsy-ness for her arrival. With Andrew's military and work schedule, I always miss him. I know it will only get more difficult as our lives get busier and our family expands. All the more to take advantage of an opportunity like this!


Brendi68 said...

Sounds fun! Can I come too???
Make sure to take lots of pictures!
Have a great time!

Armitage Family said...

Thanks Ma! I will make sure to take photos!