lil' BIG girl

These days, Londie Lou is all about solid food. So far- she is not a picky eater! She has mastered sweet potatoes, summer squash, sweet peas, bananas and of course, rice cereal. The fruits and veggies are her favorite. Rice cereal is not the most popular, but she gets it down. Now that solids are in her daily diet, her bottle isn't all that "cool" anymore. She does eat 4-6 oz. of formula in between meals... but it mostly just soothes her to sleep.

Londyn is becoming a big girl more and more each day. She is mastering the art of sitting up and loves to stand up and play with her activity table. I can't believe how fast 6 1/2 months have gone by. Everyday, she is learning something new!

I love being a mom!

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Haley said...

lil Londy Lou is growing up so fast! soooo cute!