new adventure

A few weeks ago, I was given a new calling as our ward YW's secretary. So far, I am loving my calling and really getting into it! Not only do I get to have my two oldest nieces, Mikayla and Megan in Young Women's but I get to work with amazing sisters and the fabulous youth!

I am learning so much about how much work really goes into the programs that our church has to offer it's members. It is beautiful to see the workings of our church, especially for our youth. Working with the youth has always been a goal of mine. I am eager to teach and learn in this calling! Here's to a new adventure!


Brendi68 said...

Isnt YW great? That is one of my callings I miss the most!

Armitage Home said...

It truly is fabulous! I am love LOVE loving it.

Kathy said...

Kacie- I am the sec. for woodhaven! Well have to chat!