whasian baby

With Londyn's barely-there-hair... we don't have many options in the accessories department, so we do what we can. For example, we pierced her ears at 3 months with petite faux-diamond flower earrings that have really vamped up her glam-baby look. Today, she is 7 months old... so I figured it was time to switch it up as we're heading into Spring with a new set of earrings. Of course, we want Londyn to get in touch with her Asian roots... which is precisely why I went with Hello Kitty. You can't get much more Asian than that... well I guess I could try tacking a pair of baby chopsticks to her bald head and teach her to form a peace-sign with her fingers before she even learns to speak. Nah... who am I kidding.

We love our little "whasian" (white-asian) baby.

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