I know this photo is deceiving... but trust me, this was taken after one of many doses of Motrin had kicked in. Here is Londyn playing for the first time in 6 days... and it only last about 15 minutes. But boy, was it a nice little break for mommy.

We received a call today from our pediatrician, letting us know that Londyn's test results from her ER visit had come back and indicated that on top of her virus, she has a bacterial infection as well. What does this mean? Antibiotics. Hallelujah! Immediately, Grandma came over to watch baby so I could run to the pharmacy and pick up the magic potion that will make my baby a happy girl again.

After 2 hours of continuous screaming last night with nothing to console my poor little girl, antibiotics sound like a lifesaver... right about now.


Aaron + Kayti said...

kacie, i am so sorry that londyn has been so sick. that poor little thing and poor you! i cant imagine how tough that is to see her so ill and to take care of a crabby baby 24/7.

i hope she is feeling better in now time!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Kayti! We're on the mend, so there's hope. As I type, Londyn is playing in her jumper. I haven't seen her stand to be more than a few feet away from me in a week. blah. love you!