no fun.

At about 5 o'clock last night, my mom came over to bring me soup since I had caught the bug that Londyn has had. I took her temperature and it was 103.5 degrees. This was after consistent rounds of Tylenol and Motrin. I called our doctor to get her advice and she advised us to head into St. Vincent's Hospital. We got the baby in right away and the fun began! The poor thing was poked and prodded up the wahzoo. She was so dehydrated that they couldn't get any blood or an IV started. After 5 pokes, 1 nurse and 1 IV specialist- the IV started to work it's magic. Then we waited for more Motrin to kick in... and 5 hours later- she was a new woman! Even though she is still a sick baby, at least she is having more wet diapers and keeping 2-3 oz. of fluid down at a time. As first time parents, this was pretty traumatic. Especially, when I have been walking around... feeling like death all night and day. Andrew was able to leave work early to meet us at the hospital. About half way through our hospital visit, his stomach started bothering him. Let the fun begin....? The poor guy was up off and on, the rest of the night... sick as a dog. "Together is a wonderful place to be"... except when you're contagious and everyone is SICK.


The Porters said...

My goodness poor little girl! I hope her temperature goes down and stays down. It's so hard when they are little because of the communication barrier. Glad they were able to help her atleast.

I sure hope you and your hubby feel better soon. As mommys its hard to have a sick day, so I hope you especially get some rest :) love you!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks girl! I need all the hope I can get :) Love ya!

Laura said...

Oh poor baby!! I hope you all get feeling better soon!