1st Time at Chuck E' Cheese

On Thursday Londyn and I attended lil' miss Riley's 5th birthday party at Chuck E' Cheese! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of LJ & Riley because they were both all over the place and I couldn't keep up!

Londyn has always been an outgoing kid, but for some reason at Chuck E' Cheese she was not so sure about Chuck E. Cheese himself, the place, people or what was going on for that matter. She was pretty content with the eating part and the "let's walk around and have mom follow me everywhere" part. Fun times. I did manage to get her on a few of the little rides for a few seconds before she screamed and pitched a fit.

Here are a few poorly taken photos from my phone. (my camera is MIA. Shhh... don't tell the Mr.)

This is one of Londyn many men... Bryce. He is such a gentleman, and is always chasing this girl at church. This was their first official date. Londyn was making the poor kid work for her attention and was clearly more interested in the pizza.

I think Bryce was irritated with me chaperoning and wanted some alone time with LJ.

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Megan said...

that face is hilarious!