Time Flies: 15 months

15 months already?! It seems like we were just celebrating Londyn's 1st birthday! At that time, going into nursery at 18 months seemed SO far away and now it's just around the corner! I might be a little too excited for Londyn to go into nursery with Grandma Milne in January. Let's just say... she's a handful for those long and restless 3 hours of church. I can't even remember the last time I was able to stay in Sunday School for more than 10 minutes... let alone know what is being discussed in the class.

We are thoroughly enjoying our little LJ at this age. She has always been independent, but lately a little separation anxiety has kicked in. Usually she's off in her own Lou-Lou Land but occasionally when she realizes I'm not giving her all of my undivided attention, she freaks out and must be held at that very moment. I enjoy the cuddles and needing to be needed and wanted, but hope for her sake and mine... we will find a good balance.

Londyn's walking is getting more solid and not so wobbly with ever day that goes by. Wherever we are, she always wants to get down and walk by herself. I am working with her on holding hands when we walk together. For the most part she doesn't have a problem with holding hands, but occasionally Miss Independent flails on the ground and pulls her hand away when I grab it. I knew my sassy ways would bite me in the butt one day. Clearly, it's genetic.

Lately I have been noticing how much Londyn truly understands what we are saying. When I tell her to put something back, she puts it back. When I tell her to clean up, she usually starts cleaning up and then grabs my hand to help her. She has also become quite the chatterbox and is constantly talking my ear off. Even though most of her words aren't in English... she does say quite a few now. Whenever I refer to my sister, I call her Auntie Jenelle and now Londyn calls her "Nell." I think Auntie Nell has stuck!

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