Mid-Terms Already!

Andrew has been working hard to catch up in school after missing the first week of classes, while also juggling his work schedule. Since he began the program, I have noticed two main observations. The first observation being that the course material is tough stuff and the second being that my husband was made for this world of electronics engineering. When he is talking about volts... binary base... bread boards... and wah wah wah lots of other electronic terminology, I can see a glint of joy in his eyes because this is the kind of stuff he loves to learn about! Although he always has his nose in his books, doing homework assignments and is either at school or at work- I am proud of him and am happy to see him moving forward.

It seems like school just started and Andrew already had mid-terms last week!

Here is a circuit Andrew built in class. It counts in binary (red leds) up to 15 then resets.

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