Halloween Weekend

On Friday we went to Baggenstos Farm. Londyn wasn't sure about the kids haymaze, the few animals they had... or the mud. But she did like the part where she had her own pumpkin!

Following the Pumpkin Patch, we decided to carve/color our punkins'! Andrew and I carved the Marine Corps emblem, the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Londyn... produced a Picasso-like masterpiece.

On Saturday night, we went to the Tri-Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Of course, out of the entire Halloween weekend, it was the only day that it was pouring down rain... which made it miserable for poor Londie Lou. She was not feelin' it. Although, she did bring in a pretty good loot of candy for a 15 month old!
For our Costumes, LJ was the cutest Lady Bug that ever was! Don't you think? Andrew and I came up with a last minute costume and went as Ceiling Fans. We thought we were hilarious, but nobody got it. I guess our humor is just SO funny, it is beyond anyone's comprehension?

Overall, it was a fabulous celebration and I am SO excited for the holiday season to begin!


Laura said...

Okay so I laughed my head off when I saw your costumes! JD said "Wawaoh" if you can figure out what that says :) Londyn looked adorable!! You guys are so cute!

Zach, Megan and Skyli said...

I'm with Laura, I laughed too! haha That's pretty hilarous! Loved Londyn's costume! She's so cute!

Tara and Andrew said...

i loved your costumes! i made andrew look at them because i thought they were so clever! and londyn looks adorable! poor colby didn't really dress up because i couldn't think of anything :( i'm LAME

The Good Life said...

Ok this is too funny! Elsie was a ladybug for Halloween too and I put a big flower clip in her hair today! :D People actually kinda looked at me like I was crazy for the clip but I loved it. The style here is definitely different than up north. But that's not going to make me change what I think is absolutely adorable!! Yay for big flower's in baby's hair!!! ;)

Seoul Searching Mama said...

I think I can only count a few times when Londyn has left the house without a flower headband in her hair! haha It's a must :)