Buh-Bye, Ba-Ba!

Everyday, Londyn steps up her game in the personality department. She is constantly charming us! But, don't be fooled... her sass isn't always becoming.

We're not sure if throwing tantrums has just become a hobby of Londyn's, or if they are a product of her 1st molars sprouting up. Either way, we could sure live without the fits. Our most common battle is usually caused by us not understanding what she wants... and when this kid wants something, I am a witness... she wants it yesterday! The poor thing gets frustrated, spouting off a bunch of mumbo jumbo... with real words mixed in. She has learned to say a very clear, "NO" which is usually paired with a firm shaking of the head. Right now, we think it's pretty cute and funny... we'll see how long that lasts.

Londyn is officially off the bottle! I have tried 3 or 4 different kinds of sippy cups, in the hope that we could start to ween her from her beloved ba-ba but have had no such luck. But, yet another stroll down the sippy aisle at Target, I found one that is similar to a bottle, but definitely a sippy cup. It's a perfect transition cup! Once I knew that Londyn would drink out of the new cup, I cut her off cold turkey. I didn't do any research in the ol' parenting books... so my kid could suffer from PTSD in her adult life, due to premature separation from her "ba-ba" as a wee babe but hey... I'm the mom, and I call the shots. She hasn't had a bottle since Friday and hasn't boycotted the new sippy yet!

We love the Nuby sippy cups!

Just a little funny to share... today, we took Daddy's car through the car wash and in the past Londyn has loved the car wash. We rarely go through it, but when we do she usually just laughs and is fascinated by the chaos. Well, today she must have been really emotional because she broke into tears and was wailing the whole entire time. It's a good thing the car wash is so loud or else someone might have thought my child was in danger! As I tried to calm her down... I did what every good mom would and took a few snapshots.

C'mon... look at that face. You know you would've done it too.


Brendi68 said...

Youre such a mean Mommie! J/K

Megan said...

I love that face!