Under the weather... again.

Welp, my entire post last week on "Nap Time" might have been premature and completely unnecessary, because soon after that... Londyn got sick, yes... that's right AGAIN! Her crazy sleeping habits that resembled an attempt to drop her AM nap, were probably just symptoms of her upcoming bug.
At work on Tuesday, I received a worried call from my mom, letting me know that Londyn had a temperature of 101 and it was rising. My mom said that Londyn was miserable. I could hear her crying in the background and felt sorry for everyone there taking care of her. I finished up at work and went on my way to pick her up. For the rest of the day, I kept a close eye on her. She was taking medicine to keep the fever down and lot of fluids. The poor thing was a mess.

The next day I took her in to the urgent care and the doctor diagnosed her with an ear infection AND a sinus infection. A double whammy! She was put on antibiotics and is now back to her fun-loving old self. I'm not a huge fan of the continuous diarrhea that goes hand in hand with the antibiotics, but I am definitely grateful for a cure!

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