Shop til' We Drop

Andrew has been at drill all weekend and now has AT for the next two weeks. The poor guy will probably be home less than when he's on his night shift schedule at work. But on the bright side, when these two weeks are over, he gets to start school which he is very excited about!

Today, Londie Lou and I were on a quest to find the perfect dress for me to wear to the USMC Birthday Ball in November. I have started my search now because if I have to order one... it could take forever to get it here in time. When we headed to the mall this morning, I was sure that out of all the bazillions of stores that carry formal wear, I was bound to find a reasonably priced, fashionable frock. Lo and behold... 3 1/2 hours later, we exited as one worn out mama and one screaming toddler... empty-handed.

On the drive home, the toddler was out like a light the minute my keys were in the ignition... and I mulled over the last few hours of unproductive shopping. The experience was a total and complete flashback of all the many shopping trips with my brave mom in search for homecoming, winter formal and prom dresses. It was just as unpleasant today, at it was 9 years ago.

Londyn did have fun at the playground inside the mall, which was a huge plus for her to get some wiggles out. She thinks she's one of the big kids now.


Brendi68 said...

Sorry you couldnt find a dress....dang, if I were there I would watch Miss Londie Lou so you could go shopping!
The pics of her are so adorable! Thanks for posting and keeping us updated!

Laura said...

You got to love those playgrounds in the mall. They SAVE me!! Good luck finding that perfect dress!!