As Londyn is approaching 15 months next week, we are thoroughly enjoying toddlerhood!

I have been able to find several free activities for toddlers that keep our schedule exciting, Londyn learning and I get to socialize with other mom's! So far, we have been attending Story Time at our city library, which is twice a week and totally awesome! The teacher is great with the kids and we sing songs, dance and read stories. Londyn is on the younger side of the group, but I want her to start getting comfortable learning in a group setting.

We also go to a tri-ward playgroup that is held on Wednesdays every other week at our church building. I especially love this because I get to visit with friends from church!

Next week, we're going to try out another toddler class at a cute little toy store right in town.

All of these activities keep us involved, my toddler active and for me... just a little bit closer to sane (but not much).

The best part... they are all FREE!

My little bookworm.

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Jadie said...

Gotta love "free"!