Under the weather

It seems like I have been "under the weather" for the past 3 weeks... and it is sure getting old! I'm starting to feel better today. I still don't have a ton of energy but at least I'm not in pain and I don't feel so yucky!
Londyn on the other hand, who knows what's wrong with that kid of mine. She has had a runny nose and low grade fever for the past week and a half, but when I picked her up last night to put her to bed... she had another agenda. Londyn started projectile vomiting all over me, herself and the floor. Thrice as a matter of fact. This was another one of those "mom" moments mentioned in past posts. I had no one else to do the dirty work... no one to take care of me, and most importantly I was responsible for consoling and medicating the sick child, bathing her, scooping up "dinner", cleaning the carpet and laundering our clothes. Definite "mom" jobs.

To cheer Andrew up about being at a long night of work, I sent him a picture of the scene of the crime. I'm sure at that point, he would've rather been at work. He called later, and I told him how he is always so conveniently gone when these disasters take place. Disasters such as this or recently finding our daughter in her crib, having removed her poop-filled diaper and smearing it all over her once clean pink walls. I suppose you could say, she was caught "brown handed."

Well, I'm hoping little miss Londyn is on the mend. She isn't acting 100% herself and still has a runny nose. But, if she isn't better by this afternoon, I will be taking her in to the doctor. It seems like someone in our home is in the doctors' office at least once a month. Lucky us!

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Brendi68 said...

Geez Kacie....what a mess! I did get quite a laugh about Miss Londie Lou getting caught brown handed! LOL
Hope things get better real soon! Wish I was there to help you out.