Maki Roll

I have been having a hard time with my weight since having the baby. My weight has been UP & DOWN... off & on! It's so tough to lose and maintain the weight in a healthy way. Andrew has noticed how much I have been struggling with this issue and got me an early birthday gift- the Bodybugg.

The Bodybugg is a device that tracks calories burned by measuring skin temperature, Galvanic skin response and heat flux. With these measuring tools, the Bodybugg can accurately determine physical activity and caloric expenditure. With the Bodybugg is an online tool that is used to input all calories consumed by logging food intake daily. It's so simple. By knowing that burning more calories than consumed results in weightloss, I can view and track this information and lose weight the right way! Obviously I am stoked about this new toy! I started using the Bodybugg yesterday and now know that I consumed 926 calories and burned 1987 calories. I had a calorie deficit of 1061 calories.

The best part of the Bodybugg is that I am able to be more accountable and conscious of what I'm doing with my body. It encourages me to park further away at the market or walk to the mailbox instead of driving up to it on my way home. It also makes me more conscious of what I am eating and that if I eat unhealthily, it WILL show!

In our house, we name almost everything... our cars are named Origami & Sashimi. We have two vacuums named Shrimpy and Seaweed. Are you noticing a pattern here? I guess we're getting in touch with my Asian roots. I have decided to name my new toy Maki... short for Maki Roll because he is as small as a piece of sushi!

Cheers to Maki and I... and our adventure to healthier living!

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