Colby & Christine

One of my most favorite friends from my years in Provo is a tall-white kid with a red fro! This would be Colby! He is such a doll and I love him dearly! I have so many fun memories with Colby from my time in Provo and he has always been such a good friend. Colby is from Alaska and is still in Provo for school, so when we moved to Oregon - I didn't think I would see him again. But as fate would have it, Colby married a super cute Oregon chick named Christine! In fact, we both grew up in the same stake. We were able to attend their beautiful wedding reception a week ago and it was SO good to see Colby and meet his gorgeous bride! They are too cute together!

I never knew Christine growing up but LOVE that she found Colby and that we will get to visit with them whenever they are in town! Congrats Colby and Christine!

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