Mama of 6

From Tuesday through Friday last week, I played mom of 6 kiddos! Going from 1 super easy toddler to 6 kids, ranging from 14 months to 13 years old was a little crazy but way fun!

Londyn and I stayed at the Milne farm and got to hang out with my 4 nieces and nephew. Londie Lou LOVED all of the attention and especially their bonus room filled with the best toys. Kyler (3 years old) and Londyn were best buds and played for hours together. The experience made having another child someday seem not so terrifying!

We didn't just chill out and play the whole time as the kids had a schedule filled with soccer, dance and a youth temple trip to attend. We also had a play date with the Tanuvasa's, took the older girls to the mall, ate/played at McD's, and went to Red Robin with Grandma Milne.

One of my favorite parts of the week was at night when the two younger kids were in bed and the older girls and I would stay up and watch movies, eat snacks and talk. I am only 10 years older than Mikaya (the oldest) and so hanging out with these girls was like a big girls night.

I was a little nervous about Kyler because he has been a tough guy lately for his family, but I was surprised to find that he was pretty awesome while I was there. I think it helped that he had Londyn and wasn't the only little kid around. He was always helping Londyn and "babysitting" him. Such a funny kid the Ky-Man is. I love listening to him explain things in his own quirky kid way.

It was an exhausting week and I praise my brother and sis-in-law for their ability to raise 5 kiddos. They make it look so easy! Spending the week with them was a blast, but coming home to my husband and baby girl was a sweet relief.

Love you Milne's! Thanks for the fun times!


Kam-a-Rama the bookworm

Mikayla - my partner in crime

This is Zach. He isn't my nephew but one of Kyler's best friends and got to play with us at the park. Since Londyn was born, I have arranged with Zach's mom for them to marry. Such a gentleman- isn't he?

Gotta love Kam's sassy style

Kyler and Zach playing basketball. This is the first of Kyler's many boo-boo's of the week.

Londyn's favorite hobby is moving around furniture and pushing carts & strollers. She did this for about 45 minutes straight.

Zach, Emma & Kyler. Emma is such a good big sis. She mommy's Kyler and watches out for him. Kyler LOVES his Emma!

I didn't get any pics of Mary because she was at soccer practice and then my camera died. Boo. Love ya Mary-Berry!

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