A Verry Merry Unbirthday to Andrew

Andrew's birthday is next Sunday, August 8th and has drill that weekend and work as well, so we decided to celebrate this weekend. I had been working on the plans for a couple weeks... trying to come up with the most unexpected and fabulous surprises in the history of his birthdays. Unfortunately, my plans didn't quite go... well, as planned.

On Saturday morning I made a delish breakfast of french toast and bacon... told Andrew to relax and do whatever he wanted for the day. But, at about 3:30pm we would be having an early dinner and then going out. I planned a grande meal of grilled chicken, baked potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. The preparation of the meal started in the morning because I wanted it to be just right! I put the seasoned chicken quarters in the oven for 45 mins at a very low temp and then put them on the grill at the lowest setting possible for a slow grillin' and then threw the corn in husks on as well. These were supposed to grill on low for 30 minutes to perfection! About 5 minutes later... I noticed an abnormal amount of heavy smoke coming from the grill. Lo' and behold, our food was on fire! I don't mean ohhh some light flames forming... I mean everything edible was flaming to a burnt crisp! Of course... the estrogen kicked in and I started bawling. I let out a tearful call to Andrew and there our charcoal covered meal rested. He chuckled in the efforts to provide comic relief, but that only made it worse. I was devastated.

When I finally pulled myself together, we decided to go out to eat in Vancouver, near the surprise location. The restaurant we were heading to was one we had never tried but I had found it online with great reviews. It's a pizza joint and Andrew loves good pizza. Of course, we never made it to the pizza place because we got stuck in nasty traffic AND couldn't find the place. We then drove to Club Zoo ... which isn't much to tell because it's basically a club in the middle of a run down strip mall but supposedly a good location for live MMA fights. Andrew likes to watch the UFC fights on tv and I figured he would enjoy it live. We didn't get a very good vibe at the club but the actual fights were awesome and entertaining to watch. I loved it!

After the fights we drove home and stopped at Burgerville for Andrew's birthday dinner. He had never been there before and had heard good things, so we figured... after an unsuccessful night with grub... we couldn't go wrong with fast food. When we got home, I brought out a large piece of chocolate cake with strawberries and sang a weak and sorrowful rendition of happy birthday.

Ever since I was a kid, birthday's have always been a huge deal! Your birthday is YOUR day. ALL about you! But, I pretty much failed at Andrew's birthday this year. I hope he know's that in the midst of the continuous events gone wrong on his day, I planned it with love. I love you babe and promise to make it up to you next year!

Oh and Londyn gave daddy a Spongebob Squarepants card and a gift card to go see TRON when it comes out in December (a movie he is counting down to see)! Maybe I should take some gift giving tips from my kid.

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