Good Eats

While Andrew was at Costco the other day, he picked up one of their huge containers of yummy grapes. LJ's never had grapes before so we tried giving them to her in cut up pieces. At first she wasn't sure about the so-called grapes, but then used her fabulous problem solving skills (just like her dad) and figured out that she loves grapes, but not the skin. So now when we give her grapes, it take her a while to eat them because she spends so much time getting rid of the skin.

It has taken me a while to get over the fact that toddlers make messes and as the mother of a toddler, I have to just deal with it. I never realized that making messes is part of their learning and discovery. Well, this may be a fact but it's still not easy for me to get through without cringing... especially when LJ is eating spaghetti and decides that she is getting tired, and then proceeds to rub her primavera covered paws all over her eyes and face. It's at moments like that where I take a deep breath, smile and remember that life wouldn't have nearly as much joy without her and those lovely messes that she is so good at making.

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