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I have been noticing so many "Londyisms" as of late and I finally have the chance to record them!

Londyn is still a shy little walker, but is getting more comfortable with every passing day. Before we know it, she'll be off and running!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, she is getting to be so communicative! It amazes me how quickly she absorbs and especially remembers the new things we teach her. It was only two days ago that I taught her the sign for "all done" and I probably only went over it a couple of times. After forgetting to practice it yesterday, I didn't think she would remember it. When we were driving in the car, I went over all of her signs and words (as we usually do to keep her distracted) ... and to my surprise, she remembered! I should never underestimate my lil firecracker!

She now signs:
All Done

She also throws her hands in the air when we say "So Big!"

Words she says:

Londyn also loves to play peek-a-boo. When we say "Where's Londyn?" It's especially cute because she puts her hands behind her head (instead of over her face).

Let's see... Londyn hasn't ever been really attached to any "Lovie" as they call it in all of the parenting literature. She has always loved her blankie, but isn't partial to any one in particular. Lately, she has this love for her "Dog-Dog" which is a little pink poodle that someone gave us at my baby shower. She goes to bed with it... totes it around everywhere, and worries when it's not near. I think it's so cute that she's grown attached to something but will probably pay for it later when it will inevitably get misplaced.

With the Summer comes fresh home-grown veggies from the gardens of many family members. We have been so lucky to benefit from their overgrowing amounts of zucchini, which I can never have too much of! Seriously one of my favorite vegetables... and apparently Londyn's too! She eats SO much zucchini, it's kind of ridiculous. The kid would eat ONLY zucchini if I let her. I guess I won't have to be one of those mom's that has to hide veggies in her kids' meals. Phew!

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