Youth Beach Trip

On Saturday, Andrew and I got to attend our ward's youth beach trip at Sauvie Island! Andrew is on the advancement committee for scouting and due to work, never gets to attend mutual nights. So since we both get to work with the youth, we both got to go! Grandma Milne took care of Londie Lou ALL day! I didn't even call once because I knew she was in good hands.

It was a strange feeling to be without our little girl for an entire day. It felt like we were newlyweds again!

At first the weather was overcast and pretty cool but as the day went on, the sun came out and it warmed up to be a perfect day at the beach!

My brother Kevin is an advisor in Young Men's and planned an amazing trip for our youth! From the activities to the food, they were on top of everything. The Young Men leaders put on a "Survivor Challenge" and split the kids up into teams. They competed in various competitions and at the end, the team with the most points-- won! They had all sorts of rounds including swimming, an obstacle course, eating food from around the world (including vienna sausages, canned fish) and lots more. Not only was it a day filled with fun and sun, we had a delish cookout dinner!

The Leaders

The Youth getting ready for their challenge

Bishop Milne getting soaked by one of our young women! (mind you... this was the 1st of 3 times)

It was such an amazing turnout of youth! I absolutely love my calling and our young women. I am so lucky to be able to hang out with them and be a part of their lives!


Nathan said...

Awesome. I am glad that you guys got to go!! Glad to see the Bishop being well taken care of!

Laura said...

That is so fun!! It's good to get a day together every once in awhile! Looks like a good time! I always thought working with the youth would be fun!