{27 weeks}

It amazes me that 27 weeks have already passed since we found out I was expecting baby #2.  Especially after finding out about Zoe's HLHS at 20 weeks, time has really flown.  I have kept busy with the everyday chaos of raising a family, working part-time, planning my brother Eric's wedding... all while my entire body is aching and stretching in every direction, sleep is a thing of the past and keeping my house even remotely clean is a joke.

Early on in our marriage, Andrew and I lived in a rabbit hole of a basement apartment in a super sketchy part of South Provo (We still miss that apartment).  We used to write cheesy notes on our bathroom mirror and one day when I was barely prego with Londyn, he drew this on our mirror.  I was barely showing at the time and thought this was hilarious.  Little did I know then that this was an exact depiction of my pregnant self.  Big boobs... big belly... big booty and just about BIG everything else!  

This picture brings back so many memories.

Lately, my time with Londyn feels even more special and precious.  It hit me today that she is growing so  fast and there are things that we will never be able to do with her again... for example, Andrew was tossing her upside down in a way he has been doing since she was just tiny and she was almost too tall to even flip over.  She is growing out of some stages and constantly entering new ones!  It's hard to let go of her being a baby... I suppose that's why people keep having babies!  After wanting to have another baby, we got pregnant and the fear set in.  I started to second-guess whether we were really ready to have a family of four!  I am finally feeling like it is time.  We can do this and I know we will be blessed.

I had Lasik eye surgery about 6 years ago and haven't had any troubles with my vision until this last year.  I have noticed that I can't see much from a distance and sometimes things are blurry when I'm driving, especially at night!  With my state insurance, pregnant women get free eye exams and glasses if necessary.  So I decided to go get them checked.  It turns out that I have a leftover prescription from the Lasik, as they show astigmatisms in both eyes - just as I had before.  Getting them repaired with Lasik is out of the question for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so I snagged a free pair of glasses for the time being.  I am still getting used to them but it's a fun new accessory to play around with!

Here's my growing belly at 27 weeks.  As ginormous as I feel, I think it is actually a bit smaller than when I was prego with Lulu... knock on wood.


Kelly(M&M) said...

You look darling! I love the glasses! The ultrasound pic of Zoe is amazing. You are getting close.

Nicole Heiner said...

i was just thinking yesterday - when did kacie get glasses? they are so cute!