Londyn Lately {30 months}

It has been way to long since I have updated on little Lulu.  She makes me smile, laugh and thank God every day for her little spirit in my life.  

Most used phrases:
"I LOVE YOU... SOOOO MUCH" and sometimes she adds "to the moon and back!"
"Ooookay" - in response to EVERYTHING
"Please" "Thank you" "You're welcome"
"Merry Christmas" - just before I close her door for bedtime
"I go shopping?" - Most every time we leave the house
"Nowwwww!" - as she scrunches her nose and points her finger

Me: "Londyn, where's baby Zoe?"
Lulu: "At home... with Jesus."
I have no idea where she got this... but she's absolutely right!

Lulu has always been an easy-going eater.  She is rarely picky about anything we give her.  Although, she does ask for "Donald's nuggets and fries" on a daily basis.  As of lately, she can't handle any mess of food on her.  If she has a dot of ranch dressing on her hand... look out, a storm is brewin!

Londyn is still having troubles at dance class.  She is constantly dancing at home and with her cousins but when it comes to class, she is very clingy to me and doesn't always listen to her teacher.  I'm going to give it a couple more weeks and if she is still struggling, we will take a break until next Fall. 

Here she is at Best Buy, gettin' down with the Just Dance game for Wii

For Christmas, Auntie Nell gave Londyn her very own dress up box.  It is filled with dresses, wands, tiara's, hats, jewelry and her favorite SHOES!  She plays dress up every day and even her babies get makeovers!

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