All Girl

After dance class today, I crossed my fingers and took Lulu with me to get my nails done.  Of course we hit up the Dollar Tree next door to bribe her with a treat to not wreak havoc on the nail shop.  My in with the Asians got me the TV remote to turn on cartoons for the kiddo.  With treat in hand and her "show"... Londyn was in her happy place.  Everyone kept asking her if she wanted her nails painted, but she repeatedly shook her head and said "No thanks".  The minute my top coat was finished being applied, she just HAD to have her nails done too.  Lulu picked a sparkly blue polish and put her hands up on the arm rest like a pro.  She intently watched the brave woman filing, buffing and painting her nails.  She was a natural up until it was time for them to dry.  To wait is foreign for any 2 year old, so this was a pretty traumatic request.  She bawled for a good 3 minutes... and then she quickly got over it once she started admiring her new nails.  The kind woman who offered her a lollipop may have sealed the deal too.

No eye contact... but here is the finished product!

And said lollipop.

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