Handy Andy

This is our super cute dining set that works great for our small dining space.  The stools tuck in under the bar-height table, making it compact and functional.  
 We learned very quickly that a full size high chair took up WAY too much space in our kitchen and was always in the way.  The purchase of this table attachable high chair has been a lifesaver!  But the time has come and Lulu is inching up on the weight capacity, which is evident as the table weeble wobbles when the little hulk throws a fit at the dinner table.  
 The solution, you ask?  Well we don't have green coming out of our ears, so going out and buying a new set was out of the question.  So, why not work with whatcha got?!  My brother who recently just tied the knot got a new dining set and had no use for these fab black IKEA chairs.  I snagged a few as we already had one to make a complete set of four.  Then, Andrew simple chopped off the legs to transform our once bar-height table to a standard height dining table.  He then touched up the black paint and added glides to each table leg.  Of course, he did all of this in just a few minutes!  To top off an even sweeter project, I was able to sell the original four barstools as we had no other use for them.  Now I have a little extra cash for baby Zoe or other home projects before she arrives!

The best part?  Lulu can sit at the kitchen table with us.  She's getting to be such a big girl!

My next project is to revamp this mirror and a centerpiece.  It's looking way too blah for my liking.

{munching on her first of two bowls of cereal that she eats every morning for breakfast}

Happy Spring cleaning & cheers to many trips to Home of Pot!

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