Lulu Lately

EVERY DAY after Londyn wakes up in the morning or from a nap, she pulls out all of the clothes in her dresses, stands on the laundry basket to pull her diapers out of the closet and scatters every headband, flower clip and bow all over the floor.  

To avoid this daily event, I decided to move her into the play room early.  The play room was going to be her new room when it got closer to the baby's arrival, but since she only sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor (her choice), it was a quick move!

Here is her explanation when asked WHAT she did and WHY she did it!

Trouble, I tell you.  Trouble.

But... she's still my sweet sweet girl who after asking to watch a show says, "you snuggle me, mama?"  Conveniently, my belly makes a perfect pillow.

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The Good Life said...

hahaha oh my goodness your daughter is too freaking cute!!! My favorite is Whoa! Fall down. Oh brother. :)