Londyn Lately

Have I mentioned how much of a joy my little Lulu is?

I want to soak up these last 6 weeks with my first born, which is why we have been splurging on girl time.  
I know that my time and attention will be stretched once Zoe is born and having been so attached to Londyn will make for a difficult adjustment for both of us.  Quite frankly, I think I need her more than she needs me and there will be times when I will not be able to tote her around everywhere.  That is where prayer, the help and support of family... and lots of Diet Coke will come into play.

This week we have had a few lunch dates with friends, got our nails done, ran errands, had random dance parties in the kitchen, played games and snuggled up together while watching her new Hello Kitty movie (more times than I would like to admit).  Although I love seeing her light up when we go out and do extra fun activities, the most cherished time spent is our conversations exchanged in between all of the big stuff.  For example, when we're driving in the car- we have to dance and sing.  Londyn always narrates the route we're taking, pointing out every "tower" aka building, bridge, counts cars and houses... has memorized directions to our usual destinations and tells me where we're going and when to turn.  She is always making me laugh with her silly faces in the rear view mirror.

Some of my other favorite moments are when she tells me she loves me SO MUCH... all on her own or when she uses manners without even being prompted, saying "Thanks, mom" or "No thanks."  The only downside of teaching manners is "Please"... why you ask?  Because she uses
"PWEEEEASE MOM!" for EVERYTHING and sometimes it's something that she just can't have, do or isn't even possible at the moment.  How do you teach that "please" is how you get what you want... but doesn't always apply?  I'm sure there's a bazillion parenting books out there dedicated to this topic... 
to be continued.

Here are a few moment shared with my little Londyn Joy.

Storytime @ the Library

Daddy & Lulu



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