Random Act of Kindness

One of the biggest tasks on my to-do list before Zoe's arrival is getting Londyn settled in her new big girl room.  Since her room is already set up as a nursery, we are keeping it as is for Zoe and then upgrading the  toy room into Lulu's room.  She has been sleeping in the toy room for the past couple of weeks and has had no problem with the transition.  She started out sleeping on the floor like she was in her old room and we have slowly worked her into sleeping on her toddler bed mattress.  I'm crossing my fingers that when we put her bed together, she will have no problem!

After many hours of web surfing for the perfect Hello kitty room decor, I had convinced myself that we wouldn't need to paint the currently tannish/yellow walls.  Unfortunately, the decor arrived and it is all just way too cute to go in a tan room.  Besides, we're talking about Londyn here... my girl is all about color!  So I picked out a super cute purpley/pink color @ Home of Pot (as Andrew calls it).  

My Mom and Dad were adamant that I was not to be in a room full of paint fumes, so they rallied the troops and came over this morning to begin the transformation.  My mom and sis arrived with yummy donuts and two of my nieces to help with Lulu.  Then, to my surprise- my brother Eric and his wife Sarah came too!  It's President's Day and these peeps have school and work off, but they were at my house working up a sweat!

In two hours, the walls were completely pink!  Now we just have the ceiling to paint white, which my dad and mom will be doing tomorrow.  

And to top it all off, my mom and sis surprised me by planting pretty red and purple primroses in my front yard!  They said it needed some color and they were absolutely right!  These awesome women were willing and even excited to dig holes and plant pretty flowers in the RAIN!  Now that's love.
Our front yard has always looked plain jane, and now it's on it's way from drab to fab!  

Thank you THANK YOU thank you!!!

COMING SOON: Pictures of Lulu's new Hello Kitty room!

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NieleGirl said...

You have such a sweet family! As your roomie, I always loved when your parents came to visit!! :)