Baby Zoe Update: Part I

I went in at 8:30am for my 36 week OB appointment this morning and didn't return home until 4:30pm.  Zoe's heart rate was measuring between 160-190 bpm and Dr. Flath said he likes to see it at 150 bpm or lower.  He then sent me to the Maternal & Fetal Medicine group across the street to get an ultrasound.  A doctor there explained that her heart rate was still high and amniotic fluid looked low.  I was then admitted to Labor & Delivery for further observation.  They hooked me up to a heart rate monitor for a few hours and after lots of fluctuating, her heart rate appeared to be just fine.  The Perinatologist, Dr. Guinn checked me to make sure my membranes hadn't ruptured.  Everything looked okay, and both doctors agreed that I needed to go back in for another ultrasound tomorrow morning.  They want to check for any change in fluid level.  Dr. Flath said that if fluid has lessened significantly, he will need to get her out as soon as possible.  If everything is stable, he will just monitor me even more closely for these last few weeks before my c-section date.

Surprisingly, I was calm and at peace all day while waiting for updates.  It didn't really hit me until Dr. Flath told me I needed to go back in tomorrow... that there is a possibility she will be here sooner than planned.  I just assumed her heart rate would go down and I would be out of there in no time.  

My sister Jenelle came up to the hospital... sat with me... made me laugh and kept me company through the boredom that came with limited stations on the ancient hospital television and flavorless food - AKA hospital room service.  Luckily, my nurse Angela was fabulous and she even brought me a Diet Coke within the first 10 minutes of my short stay.  Ironically, Jenelle and I watched a few episodes of TLC's "The Baby Story" to kill time.  As much as I felt sorry for those poor women in pain, I realized it wouldn't be much longer til I was one of those lucky suckers in their same position.  

Dr. Guinn recommended I take it easy for the night and watch for signs of pre-term labor... such as, contractions, lower back pain... headache... etc.  I am amazed at how exhausted I am after a long day of just sitting.  I think a relaxing bath and early bedtime will be the plan after Lulu goes to bed for the night.  

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M said...

Greg and I are thinking and praying for you. Thanks for keeping us all updated. You are so loved!