Londyn Lately: 32 months

Due to dance recital coming up in June, Teacher Rachelle asked us if we could switch Lulu to another Little Movers class, held on Wednesdays because our class only had two girls and the Wednesday class has 6-8 girls.  We have been going to the Wednesday class for the last couple weeks and it is SO much more fun for Londyn to have a big class.  All of the girls are 2-3 years old, but Londyn looks so tall compared to everyone else!  I just love watching her learn and have fun.  She is such a good little dancer!

My cute friend Erin is studying for her math final exam this week, so we snagged her little guy Jake for a couple hours today.  Jake and Londyn are only a few weeks apart and have been buds since they were born.  When Erin and I first had these two monkeys, we were neighbors and have been the best of friends ever since!  Erin is like a sister and is always the first to bring me a diet coke or chinese take-out on a rough day.  I truly adore her.

Playdate @ 6 months old

Time sure flies!

It's amazing what a bag of popcorn can do for two toddlers at Target.  Love these two.

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The Good Life said...

Omg! I totally know Rachelle! I used to dance with her, for like a month or two. Is that the Sherwood dance above the skating rink?