Amazing Grace

Earlier this year I decided to put my dance background to good use and start my own program.  I established a great relationship with our local Senior Center and rented space in their facility to hold my classes.  I wanted to start small and teach one class for each age group with a max of 8 students.  The Little's (3-5 y/o), Minis (6-8), Petites (9-11) and Juniors (12+).  With 32 students, I focused on ballet, jazz and hip hop.

After 5 months of classes, I hosted my first ever recital on June 1st.  We had 9 routines and about 130 guests in the audience.  It was pretty rewarding to see all of the growth in my students from start to finish.  I loved seeing their confidence shine and watching them show off all that they learned.

Having Lulu in my Little's class was one of my favorite parts about teaching dance.  I loved sharing that part of my life with her.

My sister Jenelle also taught dance classes this past year and we did our recital together.  Jenelle and I have shared the love of dance since before I can remember.  We both trained at the same studio, spent 4 years on   the Sherwood high school dance team, both were All-State dancers and then I followed in her footsteps as a coach for the same dance team.   

Andrew was very supportive in my dance classes.  It worked out perfectly because I scheduled my classes on the days that Andrew slept during the day and worked at night.  That way, none of my classes interfered with our time together as a family.  

In memory of my sweet Zoe, I named my program Amazing Grace Dancers.  My intention for this project was to move forward with something new, while taking her along with me.  One of the many lessons that Zoe taught me was to fear less and enjoy life more.  I have lived most of my life with anxiety and missing out on many opportunities out of fear.  Because of my amazing daughter, I have been given a second chance at life with more confidence and perspective.  

Life after Zoe has been confusing.  I still don't know which direction I'm heading, but I do know I'm never alone.  

Although I'm not raising her in this life, it's almost like she's raising me.  


The Brown Family said...

How rewarding and certainly inspiring by how far you have come, thank you for example!

Nicole Heiner said...

Kacie! I love this post. You are amazing! I wish so bad Anna could be in your class. She loves ballet like you wouldn't believe. Good job!!!