Father's Weekend

 Father's Day wasn't just a day this year, it was an entire weekend!  

On Friday we went to the Strawberry Festival at Lee Farms and then started painting the "Little Heart House" in the backyard.

Saturday started with breakfast in bed...

We then surprised Andrew for a couple go kart races at Sykart, where our friend Alex met us to join in the fun.

This was Lulu's first time watching Andrew race and she absolutely loved it... which is clear in this video!

Next surprise... 

My friend Erin watched Lulu for me so I could take Andrew to see the new Superman flick.  He has been dying to see it!  It was such a good movie, but the company was even better.

When I asked Londyn what she wanted to give Daddy for Father's Day, she said "Cookies and Milk... because he's like Santa!"  Could there be any greater compliment from a 3 year old?

So this morning, we made Andrew oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Aside from the break apart cookies, the pre-mixed... add an egg and some butter are as close as it gets to cookies from scratch in my kitchen.  Lulu did everything but put them in the oven.  She even picked out the perfect cookies to serve Daddy with milk.  She was so proud!

Londyn was so excited to sing to Daddy at church but when it came down to the big moment... she wasn't feeling it and just looked out into the congregation.  

It was a special treat to have Andrew at family dinner.  He works Sunday nights so it has been a really long time since he was able to join us.  It was definitely a meal not to miss... baby back ribs, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw and cornbread... yummm!

A year ago, Andrew was snuggling both of his daughters on Father's Day.  I love this man and am blessed for the family that we share together.  He is my Big-Tall-White-Man, Handy Andy, hard working, Rockstar chugging, beard growing, kart racing, gadget loving husband. He has been an amazing dad to our girls and we love him to the moon and back.

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