Preschool Party

Last Thursday, Lulu had her end of the year preschool party with Miss Rebecca.  It would be an understatement to say that she thoroughly enjoyed every single moment at Wild Acres Preschool this year.  

Starting preschool at the beginning of September could not have come at a better time.  It was such a good transition for Londyn to have a new and structured schedule.  

Her classmates are Kameily, Jacob, Addie and Kate.  They are her best buds!  She is lucky to have all of them in her Sunbeams class at church as well.

This is Addie, Lulu's BFF.  These two spend a lot of time together and Londyn adores Addie's little brothers too.  She loves Addie's brother Emmett almost as much as Addie and she even named one of her baby dolls Henry, after Addie's baby brother.  Recently, these girls Facetime almost every day.  Their conversations are hilarious.

Miss Rebecca presented each student with a certificate for finishing their first year and shared some of her favorite things about each child.  She shared that Londyn is a lover, smarty pants, writer and try-hard. 

Lulu & Miss Rebecca

On a side note, this is Gracie.  She is the sweet little baby of our Bishop and my dear friend Laura.  Gracie left our Heavenly Father just days before Zoe returned to Him.  Her parents honored Zoe by naming their daughter Susanna Grace.  Of course, we refer to her as baby Gracie.  She is such a blessing to us in more ways than her parents will ever know.  Seeing the light and life in her eyes, watching her grow... it's truly miraculous.  Gracie is Kate's baby sister, so she was there for the preschool party.  Andrew takes any chance he can get to hold Gracie.  I think she might like him... what do you think?

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