back to life... back to reality.

Yesterday was Andrew's first day of school at PCC! Even though his last semester of college was Fall 08' at UVU, he was really excited and ready to get back in the game. He is taking three core classes, writing, history and math. This is quite a load when he works 4.5 hours at night on top of school.

I am so grateful for a husband who is determined and motivated to continue his education and work hard to achieve his chosen career. I know that this new schedule of school and work will be quite an adjustment while also a bit overwhelming, but I am so confident that he will succeed in all endeavors.

Although this new schedule will mean less time spent together, in the long run it is a rewarding sacrifice for our family. I am determined to keep my chin up and do whatever I can to make things even a little bit easier for him.

With all the hard work and sacrifice that he is making for us, I am even more motivated and inspired to contribute to our family in any way I can.

Let the journey begin!


Aaron + Kayti said...

i feel you there. right after we got married aaron started back up in school and was doing real estate full time on the side - life can certainly get crazy. i just keep reminding myself that it is all worth it. PLUS, you have the best companion for it all :)

Armitage Family said...

I totally agree :) Love you cuz!

Jen Demaris said...

Love the blog, it is so very cute. As is everything else that you touch! Glad to have your address! You are too cute!

Armitage Home said...

Thanks Jen! You're a sweetheart :) Will we ever get together? I hope so!