Our Baby.

Growing up, the age old question was always "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I was always uneasy deciding on just one occupation... except for motherhood. Being a mother has always been my life's ambition. So of course, when Andrew and I got married last year- I wanted to fulfill my lifelong mommy dream! We didn't anticipate such a quick transition into parenthood, but believe that God works in mysterious ways.

When in the last stages of pregnancy... swollen, bloated, waddling and grunting... everyone always asked me, "so are you all ready for this baby?" Of course... we had all of the needs and wants for our little girl, but were we prepared? I mean... REALLY prepared? Not at all. I figured that since I had SO much experience with 8 nieces and 1 nephew... having changed diapers, sang a bazillion nursery rhymes, racked up tons of babysitting hours... I was set for mommyhood! Boy, was I wrong.

It has been such a rewarding experience, becoming a mother.

When I gave birth to our baby girl on July 2nd, 2009 ... I was not yet a mom. Physically, yes. But- now I know that being a mother is something to be acquired over time. It all began with the instant love and instinct that comes with being her mother. It is a gift that I am honored to have been given. She has taught me so much about the importance of family, my marriage and how valuable this life truly is. I can honestly say that now, I have become a mother.

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