ears pierced... check.

Friday night, we took Londyn to get her ears pierced. We have been waiting for her to reach 3 months in anticipation for this momentous event. As planned, she had her jammies on, paci ready and a bit of Tylenol in her system for afterwards. She was such a trooper! When they pierced the first side- she didn't even flinch. Still trying to grasp what just happened, they sprung the next side on her and her paci fell out... followed by a cry.

Afterwards, I felt like the worst mom ever! But, then the cheesy part of me came out and in my mind I started to think... that these were her first earrings. She will be able to wear earrings after this day for some of her most precious moments that I will share with her. At her first school dance... at graduation... and on her wedding day.

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Kathy said...

Good job doing it early. McKenna is now 5 and does not want to do it- "it will hurt!".