FSA Conference

Yesterday, my parents, Andrew, Londyn and I were able to attend the FSA conference. I had been waiting for this event and it was totally worth it! What an experience it was to be surrounded by individuals that all support adoption. There were birth mothers, adoptive parents, adoptees and many supporters in attendance. I was honored to be a part of the conference and speak on a panel of fellow adoptees.

Growing up, I have always been considered adopted... which is foreign to many people. Most don't know much about adoption and all that it entails. For the first time, I was surrounded by so many advocates of adoption. I have never really had a problem with being unique (quite honestly... I thrive on standing out in a crowd) but for once, I was able to belong in a positive adoption environment. What a joy it was to hear from those that spend there lives supporting and living the blessings that adoption brings to families. I am so grateful to have shared the experience with my forever family and parents because without them and our divine design, I would not be who I am today.

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