project: hot mama

I get weekly newsletters via e-mail from American Baby about Londyn's development and what kinds of things she should or will be doing. Included in the e-mails are various articles. An article on the newsletter I received today is titled, "6 Milestones That Make a Mom" I thought I would check it out. Below is the 5th milestone...American BabyGetting a mom haircutIt's the beginning of a new era: When you say you want a hairdo that requires no styling, you now mean no styling. You decide to cut it all off. So you clip a photo of Meg Ryan or some other star sporting a no-fuss style (in denial of the fact that Meg's personal stylist likely spends hours perfecting her wash-and-wear look), pack up the baby, and head to the salon.
You leave the salon looking like Laura Bush: cute, clean, but undeniably mom-like. You throw away the picture of Meg. Fortunately, the new you has no time to dwell on a disappointing haircut. Plus, everyone will say you look great because they all keep picturing you in those last bloated days of pregnancy. Believe them. You do.... click here for the rest of the article
Unfortunately, this is totally my story! When I got married my hair was longer... then I chopped it off all sassy and fun. I tried growing it out, in the attempt to look like a hot mom after Londyn was born. All too soon, I realized that I have ZERO time to put into my hair. Hence, the chopping off... once again. Although, this time... my hair turned out much more "mom"-like. Now, I read this article AFTER I already decided to grow it out... and this time, I MEAN IT. This is my 2nd attempt at "project: hot mama".
BEFORE: once upon a time
AFTER: Laura Bush


Erin said...

Are you trying to tell me SOMETHING!!!??? I like to think of it as short and sassy like us :)

Jadie said...

ROFL!! So true, so true...

BTW, Kacie--your hair is absolutely darling. You ARE a hot mama!!!!

K kid said...

Maybe it's just me, but I think your hair looks great. I did the short hair thing for a while, but didn't style it (think "Laura Bush rolled out of bed") so I grew it out. Now I have long hair, but it's in a perpetually un-styled ponytail. Sigh. Mom-ness.