morning bliss

The 4 month old baby slept... drum roll please... 11.5 hours!!! That's right. Which gave the 23 year old mama a whole 9.5 hours of blissful sleep! Can it really be? There is light at the end of the sleepless newborn tunnel? I'm beginning to believe so! As much as I adore my precious hours with her awake... it is sheer bliss, when she is asleep.

When Londie Lou and I woke up @ 7:30 this morning, we went downstairs and noticed that daddy's uniform cover was on the coffee table. I immediately asked Londie Lou if daddy forgot this very important item? Of course, she responded in a complete sentence "yes, daddy left his cover" (okay... no she didn't, but I always carry conversations with my daughter that doesn't respond yet... because someday she will and if anything like her mama, I won't be able to shut her up). Anyway, then I instantly checked my phone and Andrew had called a bazillion times between 5:30am and 6:30am. Uh oh. So I took one look at my fab bed head hair, put chap stick on, a sweatshirt and spandex... my Target fake UGG boots... and the celebrity in me put on a pair of large sunglasses. Of course, when I go to a venue filled with military men... I want to be my man's hot Marine wife... but today, not so much. So I packed up the baby and hit the road! All I had was my GPS system which can be unpredictable at times, leading me to make a hundred wrong turns, hearing the dreaded words "recalculating route" (I hear that often). Finally, I made it and my husband was such a sweetheart. He had no clue I was coming, but made sure to tell me how much he appreciates me.

The rest of my morning consisted of a Diet Coke run to McD's... and a stop at Marshall's - my favorite bargain getaway. I found a super cute $25.00 dress on clearance for $10.00... and of course, I snatched that up, right then and there.

(Now that's an artistic photo)

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